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Let Them Eat Cake!

In this day and age, everything DIY is hot hot hot!  DIY items are such a fresh change from all the mass merchandised "junk" out there in the world.  DIY brings people a little bit closer to their inner souls--it guides them to discover new talents buried within.  One of the major new fads these days seems to be DIY plush "edibles."  Why the quotes on "edibles?" Because these "edibles" are actually for show only.  These babies ranges from delightfully adorable cookies to placid pastel donuts.  The list goes on, from milk cartons, happy toast, croissants, burnt toast to maybe even a cabbage or two.  As LA weekly says, "Humans have anthropomorphized animals for centuries. In urban cultures, where people had little contact with real animals, stuffed animals became popular. Does the plush-food phenomenon indicate our growing disconnect with real food?  Maybe."  The makers of these phenomenal stuffed foods really know how to work the magic of felt and stuffing, of needle and thread.  They are able to design and make these "delectable" foods from scratch!

Well, what about those of us who long to have this talent but only know how to sew in straight lines?  How do we normal people get our hands on some of these fabric patterns?  Why, at www.thequaintessentials.com of course!  Here, we carry two special DIY cookie/cake makers in a box!  The boxes contain patterns, instructions, and all materials needed to concoct a DIY plushie all on your own. The first time we got them in, I tore open a box and began my work on the cake set.  I was able to finish the final master piece within one afternoon.  All it needed was a little bit of time, love, and patience.  By the end of my project, I had a perfectly made plush cake.  I was able to complete it on my first try and I'm not even the best sewer in the world. 

Take a look at the pictures of my completed cake and go to www.quaintessentials.com Get your own today before we run out!
p.s. Check out what LA Weekly had to say about DIY Plush Foods!

DIY cake all in a box.
All provided material                                                                    Instructions and patterns
Finished product~ so yummy looking                        All wrapped up and ready to be sent out as a gift. 
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