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ljrandomness's Journal

A community about random stuff
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All Members , Moderated
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<br><center>Welcome to LJ Randomness!</center> This is a community of different interests combined all in one. From anime/j-pop/j-rock, computers, layout help, music download recommendations, icon exchanges, meeting new friends, post: pictures of yourself, surveys, links of sites you think the whole world should know. Basically, anything that comes to your head! The list goes on and on.
<li>Be kind and respectful with your comments
<li><b>Negativity is not allowed here. </b>The same goes for any form of abuse or cruelty: nasty comments, harrassment, racism, etc.
<li> No prejudices & superficiality.
<li>When posting long posts, please use the lj cut. Or when posting entries that require mature audiences vision, please use the lj cut and mention that it does.
<br>&LT;Lj-cut text="any text you want here"&GT;
<li> And most importantly, have fun! ^__^<br>
<li> We <b>do</b> delete posts without warning for those who dont follow the rules.
If you have any questions, comments or suggestions, please contact <lj user="suneet"> or <lj user="miachan"><br>
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adema, animated gifs, anime, anime icons, asia, asian, ayumi hamasaki, azn pryde, badtz maru, bif naked, biking, bishoujo, bishounen, black clothing, blading, bowling, break dancing, bubble tea, bunnies, candles, capcom, cars, chatting, chickens, cloudy days, colours, computers, cosplay, cradle of filth, crazy town, crouching tiger hidden dragon, cute stuff, dance dance revolution, daydreaming, daydreams, depression, digital cameras, discman, disturbed, dragons, eyeliner, faeries, fiji, final fantasy, fuel, furuba, girls, godsmack, goths, graphic art, green tea, greenday, grey, guitars, guys, hair, hapa, hawaii, hikaru utada, html, hyper, icons, imagination, individuality, internet, j-pop, japan, japanese, jhonen vasquez, joydrop, jthm, k-pop, kittie, korea, korean anime, korn, lain, languages, layouts, light, linkin park, livejournal, love, lovely white, machine head, making new friends, malaysia, manga, martial arts, meeting new people, midnight, monkeys, movies, mp3s, mudvayne, music, nickelback, nin, ninja scroll, off spring, ozzy, pantera, phone, pictures, piecrings, playstation 2, plur, pocky, poems, project wyze, psp, psychology, puddle of mudd, punjabi, racing, rain, rammstien, rave, raves, reading, red, refused, rob zombie, san-x, sanrio, serial experiments lain, singapore, skateboarding, skateboards, snow, snowboarding, static-x, stephen king, summer, surveys, system of a down, tae kwon do, techno, text faces, the color black, the color purple, the simpsons, tool, trance, traveling, video games, wayne static, web design, webcams, white